Quality Products and Services for Construction, General Orders, Tourism, and Agricultural

VANGUARD ENTERPRISES is one of the Best Company of Pakistan in the field of Construction, General Order, Tourism and Agricultural. Vangaurd Enterprises has always been Proud of the Quality of Social and Economic Values it has created through its Business Experience, its services in 4 different sectors ranging from Tourism to Agri and from Construction to General Order, its Participations and Affiliated Companies.



Construction industry is considered one of the few largest industries in the world. Our construction expertise and integrated delivery ensure that we deliver complex projects on time, within budget and to the top quality standards. Our topmost priorities are safety and sustainability and we have a strong track record in both. 

 Vangaurd Enterprises is transformed by new technologies, construction methods, project types, and safety practices. We are proud to see that Vangaurd Enterprises is now one of the largest general contractors in the Pakistan and has completed some of the most challenging projects.

Among all that is new, Vangaurd Enterprises would find one thing that hasn’t changed: Vangaurd Enterprises core belief that we succeed only when our customers achieve their goals. And because we know that our customers trust us to work, we have developed strict quality standards for working on Vangaurd Enterprises Projects.



Welcome to Vangaurd Enterprises - Pakistan’s leading General Order Supplier Company. We are specialized as General Order Supplier and Committed to

Setting the highest Standards of Various kind of Supplies of Materials and. Furniture & Fixtures to large Corporate Clients and we have enjoyed their full confidence and had been genuinely.

Rewarded Appreciation for Quality Supplies and timely Completion of jobs.

Our General Order Supplies include host of Products which we are

Proud to present to our users.

We Proudly present our Products to the customer and our client Satisfaction

is the proof of our Products Quality.We are Continueing with this Quality

focus for more improvements. 

 Human resource is a real asset of Vangaurd Enterprises and it is a great Pleasure for us that staff turnover is remarkably low. We always try to bring something creative to our Products, Services, Procedures and Policies. Our facilities and workshops are Equipped with Modern Machines under the Supervision of highly skilled team players which enable the Company to deliver the orders in bulk on time with perfection.



Tourism activities are considered to be one of the major sources of economic growth. It can be regarded as a mechanism of generating the employment as well as income in both formal and informal sectors.

Vanguard Enterprises provides you suitable environment for tourism. we are providing tourism in pakistan canada and united kingdom(UK).

our Aim is to provide you the most beautiful places of pakistan canada and united kingdom.

Visit or contact us for further information about tourism .

We are providing different services about tourism to facilitate our customers and provide them save and comfort journey. 

Pakistan was a well-known country for  tourism. Thousands of tourists from many western countries visited Pakistan and used to go from Swat Valley and Kashmir to.




We are providing high quality food to our customers .

Our Food is fresh and according to international standards. Our customers are satisfied from our food. It si possible with our professional employees.

They are highly skilled and professional we are caring of our workers  so that's why they make our food first class.

No matter what your product, it needs to look delectable, fresh, and pretty.

Food exports are increasing faster this fiscal year, but the quality of exports is not up to the mark to have the immediate impact on high food trade our aim is to provide quality exports.